TMN Presents: Active Shooter

TMN Reporter Kraig Pierce takes an in depth look at how the new on campus gun laws could potentially affect student safety on campus next…

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Conceal and Carry – Town Hall Meeting Overview

TMN Reporter Kraig Pierce was at the Town Hall meeting on April 12th, where citizens and students in Hays raised concerns about the new conceal…

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Is Voting Important?

Polls will be opening up at 7 am today and will be flooded with American citizens who are wanting to have their voices and opinions…

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The Tactical Experience

There are a lot of things to do in Hays, but the Tactical Experience is one of its newest attractions. Located at 2013 Vine Street,…

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Opinion: Police Militarization

  TMN Reporter Kraig Pierce recaps and gives his thoughts on the changing view of police in the United States.  He looks at both local,…

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Kansas Board of Regents visiting FHSU

For TMN, I am Kraig Pierce. The Kansas Board of Regents will be visiting Fort Hays State University on October 19th and will hold a…

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