The Tactical Experience

There are a lot of things to do in Hays, but the Tactical Experience is one of its newest attractions. Located at 2013 Vine Street, the Tactical Experience is a virtual firing range and combat simulator. Boasting a 220 inch screen on the virtual firing range as well as a large assortment of firing arms to practice with, the Tactical Experience is a unique form of entertainment.

Entertainment is not all that the Tactical Experience offers, though. It is a training tool. Used by the Hays Police force, the Tactical Experience’s simulations can teach our law enforcement officers how to deal with certain situations. There are also simulations that teach civilians how to react to home invasion.   Overall, the Tactical Experience is a unique and fun way to learn about combat first hand, and is a great way to spend an afternoon.


For TMN, I am Kraig Pierce.

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