Kobach Joins Colyer in Support of Anti-LGBTQ Adoption Bill


As Kansas joins Oklahoma as the second U.S. state with legislation allowing “faith-based” adoption agencies to deny same-sex couples, another 2018 Kansas Governor candidate has announced his support for the new legislation.

A statement released by current Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach on May 18, the day the Adoption Protection Act was signed into law, read:

“Faith-based adoption agencies can continue the great work they do knowing they will always be able to operate in accordance with their faith in Kansas. Across the country, religious liberty is under attack, but as Governor of Kansas, I will work tirelessly to protect and defend your constitutional rights.”

The statement echoes similar words of current Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer while simultaneously making a political statement for the upcoming 2018 Kansas Governor Election.

This effort by Kobach makes him the second Republican Governor candidate to support a piece of anti-LGBTQ legislation. Though his candidacy website does not specifically state whether he is or is not in support of the LGBTQ community, it is fair to assume that Kobach will not be on their side of various issues as a candidate or as the Governor of Kansas.

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