FHSU Hosts Random Acts of Kindness Day as a reminder to pay it forward


FHSU marked this year’s Random Acts of Kindness Day by promoting small, simple acts of kindness that were an easy way for students to contribute to the day. 

The day finds its origins in 1995 when the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation was founded by current World Kindness, USA chairman Will Glennon. The non-profit organization, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, seeks to “make kindness the norm in our schools, workplaces, homes, and communities.” 

The foundation creates free content that promotes kindness and teaches kids important social and emotional skills. They offer a wide range of kindness-based curriculum, even providing a 16-week kindness elective course for high school students.  

First celebrated in New Zealand in 2004, promoters of Random Acts of Kindness Day suggested paying for a stranger’s meal, allowing someone in front of you in line, donating food to a pantry or charity, buying flowers for someone, sending an encouraging text message or phone call, complimenting a stranger or co-worker, surprising someone with food or a present, letting a car merge in front of you, taking food or a gift to a neighbor’s house, or paying the bus fare for a fellow passenger. 

The day is primarily celebrated in New Zealand on September 1st, and in the United States on February 17th. 

FHSU Student Engagement encouraged students to participate through several social media posts. They suggested opening the door for a stranger, writing a thank-you note, giving snacks to the mail carrier, paying for a stranger’s coffee, helping with chores, or donating outgrown clothes. 

Regardless of the day, Random Acts of Kindness Day is a great reminder to be kind to others as we go about our busy lives.

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