Reiter, Homman ready to lead as SGA President and Vice President


After a week of campaigning, the election for Fort Hays State University’s Student Government Association came to a close Monday afternoon. The election determined which students would represent FHSU’s colleges as student senators.

The election also determined who would lead the student body as SGA president and vice president. This year, students chose Haley Reiter for president and Bryson Homman for vice president.

Reiter, who will be a junior this coming fall, has served as a student senator since her freshman year. Originally joining SGA to learn more about her campus and how she could help her fellow students, Reiter said she has since developed a great appreciation for advocacy.

“Being able to work toward bettering FHSU for my fellow students is very rewarding,” Reiter said. “I decided to run for president so that I can serve the student body at a higher capacity and work toward change that is wanted and will benefit future FHSU Tigers.”

Homman, who will soon begin his senior year, has also served on the student senate, hoping to influence change to better the lives of his fellow students. His own leadership experience within his fraternity Sigma Chi and other organizations helped him realize his own potential as vice president and the opportunity to grow those leadership skills within the position.

“I hope to see satisfaction within the student government as a whole, that all voices have been heard and that needs were met. I also hope to see representation on SGA spans larger than just colleges, but potentially grad students and international students,” Homman said.

Reiter, likewise, wants every student at FHSU to feel represented through her administration.

“Serving at such a large capacity allows me to ensure that all student issues are being addressed,” she said. “It is important to me that all students know that they are not just a face in a crowd. Each individual student contributes to the overall atmosphere and learning environment at Fort Hays State University.”

In the coming year, students can look forward to student leaders eager to represent their peers, with Homman welcome to new ideas and Reiter ready to focus on the needs of students across campus.

“I am very passionate about equal representation and hope that my future administration and term will reflect that,” Reiter said.

Stating that change leads to growth, Homman reminds students that student representation is necessary for enacting change. This can be done by bringing ideas and issues to student senators or even serving on SGA as senators themselves or with the president- and vice president-elect on the executive staff.

Reiter would like students to know that those interested in serving in this capacity can apply for these paid positions, such as treasurer or community relations director, on Tiger Link by April 28.

In their new roles, Reiter and Homman take part in a tradition of student service and representation.

“I just want to add how thankful I am for last year’s Student Government Association,” Homman said. “As last year was my first year [with SGA], I was welcomed with open arms and was helped when I needed it. To the executive staff, thank you for showing us how a successful team works. Lastly, to the senators, congrats on an awesome year representing FHSU.”

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