New Art and Design Building Plans Unveiled


Last Friday, September 28th, an informational meeting was held from 9-9:30 a.m. to reveal when the new arts and design building would be an official learning environment for students. During this meeting, Jason Williby, Karrie Simpson Voth and FHSU president Dr. Tisa Mason spoke about the opening of the new arts and design building next school year and how it will affect the campus.  

As the new building is currently under construction, all arts and design majors are using the first floor of Rarick Hall for learning.

Williby,  President and CEO of the FHSU Foundation, also mentioned a list of sponsors that are making the new arts and design building possible. Some of the sponsors include Hays Electric, Hopper’s Glass, Johnson Controls, Klaus Masonry, Liver’s Bronze, M&D Excavating, Midwest Drywall, Morgan Brothers Construction, and many others.  

For Williby, the new building is a “mix of history and new and makes an important piece to our quad and to our campus”.   

Department of Art and Design Chair, Karrie Simpson Voth, said this is a dream come true unfolding right before her eyes as she wants her students to have the best learning environment possible for her students.

“The new building will bring spaces for engagement and learning…and propel us forward in preparing our students to succeed,” said FHSU President, Dr. Tisa Mason.

Senior Graphics student, MaKinlie Hennes, also spoke about how the new arts and design building. Unfortunately, Hennes will graduate in May and won’t be able to use the new facility, but she said the new arts and design building will enhance education by exceeding [education] to all new levels.

“Upon the release of the new building and once we move into it, we’ll have unbelievable opportunities to use the amazing education that has always been given to us,” said Hennes.  

The new arts and design building is anticipated to be open for the start of the 2019-20 school year.

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