KFHS Radio New Artist – Left Without Notice

Power trio Left Without Notice have recently found their way to KFHS Radio. Fresh from their performance debut in Mulvane, KS and with a brand new EP under their belt, we are excited to add Left Without Notice to our station. We also had the opportunity to get a quick interview with vocalist/guitarist Garret Stansbury to get the inside scoop on the group and their music.

Left Without Notice was formed in 2014 by drummer Ty Spencer and bassist/backup-vocalist Evan Copeland. After responding to a Craigslist ad last year (2016) Stansbury joined the group to complete the ensemble. The band cites groups like Seether, A Day to Remember, and Foo Fighters as inspirations. “We love the mix of hard rock and post-grunge they put out” says Stansbury “[they] have been a lasting influence on our music.” This is more than apparent after even a brief sample of LWN’s EP. Sporting 3 original songs and 3 covers, the whole thing is extremely reminiscent of the post-grunge and contemporary punk scenes in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. LWN is a blast from the past for those who miss the days of flannel, tragically catchy hooks, and delightfully irreverent lyrics.

Despite only having 3 songs on their EP, LWN has an established a sound that is both unique and versatile.  “I Don’t Care if You Don’t Mind,” a lite punk ballad about a breakup, has smacks of early Green Day that keeps your head nodding and your heart longing throughout the entire four minute piece. “You still want to be connected and communicate, even if the relationship went south years ago” comments Stansbury “you may not be right for each other, but you can still be in touch.” Don’t be fooled by this tender-hearted piece though, LWN knows how to take a tongue-in-cheek approach to love as well. Just give the explicit “I Know What You Like” a listen. Dealing with some frustration over a friend’s love life, Stansbury wrote this piece specifically to showcase LWN’s flexible nature. It’s also just a fun song to listen to. Seriously, check it out!

Left Without Notice will be competing in the Battle of the Bands at the Steel Bar in Wichita, KS this Friday night, July 28th! First prize includes: studio time, a video and photography shoot, and $2000 cash. LWN’s music can be found on soundcloud and reverbnation. They can also be found on Facebook for information about upcoming shows, updates on their music, and requests for covers. You can catch Left Without Notice during the Pop Punk Power Hour Mon-Fri at 7:00 pm on KFHS Radio.

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