PHOTOS: Women’s basketball takes on two rivals over Pink Night weekend


FHSU women’s basketball vs Missouri Western

Katie Wagner driving toward the basket
Brooke Loewe goes around a defender
Olivia Hollenbeck returns to the huddle
Emma Ruddle making an overhead pass
Kate Dilsaver puts the ball on the ground and attempts to make a move
Sydney Golladay looks for an open teammate
Emma Ruddle shoots from the perimeter
Olivia Hollenbeck passing the ball
Megan Earney looking for an open teammate
Kate Dilsaver drives to the baseline
Sydney Golladay going up for a shot in overtime
Emma Ruddle making a shot in double overtime

FHSU women’s basketball vs Northwest Missouri State

Jessie Sallach starts the game off for the Tigers by out jumping her opponent for the jump ball.
Emma Ruddle on defense. ““We didn’t have Liv (Olivia Hollenbeck) tonight and she’s a big player for us, so we wanted to play for her, get out strong, and keep that momentum rolling,” said Ellie Stearns.
Clary Donica throws up a contested shot on the block before she gets double-teamed.
Sydney Golladay saves a ball heading out of bounds that the Tigers touched last.
The Fort Hays Band hyped the crowd up in the quiet moments of the game.
With a layup, Golladay grabs another 2 points.
Katie Wagner finds another opportunity in the opposition’s defense to get a nice look at the goal.
Wide open on the 3 point line, Golladay takes the shot.
Brooke Loewe on full court defense. The teams are working towards playing together and as a team as the conference play gets closer. “We’re focusing on playing with confidence and just going out and playing our game,” said Loewe.
Donica pump fakes and gets the defense out of position to get a better look at the hoop.
Loewe puts up a layup. “We kept playing hard. We’ve been in situations like this before and tonight we did what we needed to do and pulled it off, “said Loewe.
Assistant coach Talia Kahrs draws up a play during a timeout.
Sallach with a move to get past the defense and find an opening to the basket.
Stearns looks for teammates while running an offensive play. “This win brought our confidence back up,” siad Stearns. Losing a few games in a row can get us down, but tonight was what we needed to be brought back up.”
Katie Wagner knocks down key free throws for the Tigers.
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