Hays Symphony Orchestra Takes Audience on a Musical Journey

On  Saturday, November 7th, the Hays Symphony Orchestra performed their second concert for this season. This performance, referred to as the Fall Classics Concert, was held in Beach/Schmidt Performing Arts Center here on Fort Hays State University’s campus. The event was open to anyone in the community, and admission was free for Fort Hays students.

The Hays Symphony Orchestra consists of both students and faculty here at Fort Hays, as well as members of the community. Each year, the orchestra puts on four performances, with the final concert being a collaboration with Fort Hays’ concert choir.

Saturday’s concert featured soloist Dr. Ivalah Allen and included the following pieces:

Mendelssohn: Hebrides Overture, Op. 26

Barber: Knoxville, Summer 1915

Kurbanov: Poem in Memory of a Teacher

Beethoven: Symphony No. 2, Op 92

The first piece aimed to take the audience on a fantastical journey of a raging storm at sea, where the second told of  the heartache of a young boy as he struggles with the death of his family in 1915 America. The final two pieces were meant to spark memories and act as dedications.

Every element of this concert was filled with adventure, and passion- a level of emotion that most do not realize can be found through orchestral performances. Audience members were encouraged to be swept away by the pieces, and shown the emotional journey behind the music.

The goal of the Hays Symphony Orchestra is to allow students at Fort Hays and members of the community to get to experience music on another level, and witness a high-quality, cultural performance. The orchestra aims to continue to achieve this goal in their future performances this season, taking place on February 15th and April 30th at 7:30 p.m. in Beach/Schmidt.

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