DUI patrols, bike patrols, railroad trespassing enforcement to take place this weekend

The Fort Hays State Community as well as the Hays community can expect increased law enforcement this weekend as FHSU Homecoming and the Volga German Society Oktoberfest kick off.

“Students can expect the same type of enforcement they’ve seen in the past,” said Don Scheibler, Hays Chief of Police. “Our number one goal is to make sure everyone remains safe and has a good time.”

The Hays Police Department, Ellis County Sherriff’s Department, Kansas Highway Patrol, Kansas Alcoholic Beverage Control, and Union Pacific Railroad Police Department all maintain jurisdiction in the Hays area, and will be out this weekend to ensure safety throughout the festivities.

“The Hays police department bike patrol will be out. A DUI saturation patrol will also be underway this weekend through HPD and the Kansas Highway Patrol,” Scheibler said.

See fines here

1st DUI = $750 fine + $70 court fee = $820  –  *A 1st time DUI diversion = $1,320

Furnishing = $250 fine + $70 court fee = $320 Hosting = $1,000 fine + $70 court fee = $1,070

Public Consumption/Possession = $25 fine + $70 court fee = $95

Underage Consumption/Possession (age 18 – 20) = $200 fine + $70 = $270

Urinating in Public = $100 fine + $70 court fee = $170

Permitting a Loud Noise Disturbance = $100 fine + $70 court fee = $170

Possession of drug paraphernalia = $200 fine + $70 court fee = $270

Possession of Marijuana = $400 fine + $70 court fee = $470

Littering = $50 fine + $70 court fee = $120

Scheibler offered several pieces of advice for students on how to stay out of trouble this weekend, the first being to refrain from drinking if you are under the age of 21.

“We have several taxi services in town that will be up and running as well as Safe Ride, so there is no reason to drink and drive,” Scheibler said. “It’s against the law in the city of Hays to walk around with an open container in the public. You can’t be on the streets, sidewalks, or public area with an open container no matter if you’re 21 or 85, it’s still against the law.”

Safe ride and taxi info

Safe Ride 785-621-2580

BMB Hays Area Shuttle/Cab Service 785-639-1899

Best Cab Hays 785-639-7433

Following the railroad death of pedestrian in Hays, Union Pacific has also made it a priority to enforce trespassing laws along the railroad tracks.

“Friday morning they [Union Pacific] will be up here doing enforcement along the rail road tracks, and will be running an engine back and forth encouraging people to follow the red lights,”
Scheibler said. “They will also be enforcing criminal trespassing along the railroad tracks for people crossing the railroad tracks illegally. The important thing is to stay on the sidewalk [when crossing].”

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