Movie Review: Scream 6 impresses

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What is the Scream franchise’s Ghostface? What does one of the killers become when they don the famous mask and take on Roger L. Jackson’s iconic voice? Maybe the truth is that when the killers take on the robes of the iconic villain, they aren’t becoming anything new. Rather they, in their white mask and black-robed anonymity, are finally able to be the true darkness within themselves. 

Ghostface is that darkness within seemingly normal people personified. It represents an insidious evil that lives among us. It lives in our boyfriends, mothers, brothers, friends, cousins, and more. Ghostface once let loose is the undaunted dark storm of revenge, desire, and longing. It is those feelings twisted and corrupted. For some of them it’s a movie, for the victims it’s their real life, and for some of those who take on the persona, it’s both. 

It is an infectious fear that follows. Who will be corrupted next?

Hello reader, what is your favorite scary movie? Because mine from this year might be the second installment in the Radio Silence Scream sequels, Scream 6. This installment in the almost 30-year-old franchise is among the best. It has kills, thrills, and chills. The film not only has an excellent continuation of the established lore but it also takes all the new components introduced in the previous installment and levels it up. 

The kills are not just gorier but they are excellently shot and feel intense in all the right ways. Character death scenes and action scenes in this film are some of the most high energy in the series, as well as give us the most dynamic mobility Ghostface has ever had. This film establishes Ghostface as what I would call “a gift of the grim reaper” sort of character – in that once you take on the role of Ghostface you are destined to die but you gain the ability to take others with you – and alludes that he had been that way throughout the whole franchise. Whether that be for sick “fun,” fame, or as Mrs. Loomis would say, “Good old fashioned revenge.”


Ghostface is truly the star of this film. Every scene the masked villain is in completely steals the show. The fight choreography and blocking are perfect. Ghostface’s one-liners in this film are not only witty and hilarious but his dialogue is downright scary. The character of Ghostface has really evolved into this amorphous cloud of darkness that is just what each wearer needs in the pursuit of their darkest desire. 

The opening kill scene presents all of these positive traits like a sample-tasting platter. The character only keeps up the hype and high energy throughout the movie all the way up to the last scene the character is in, which is phenomenal. This film could be dubbed the “Ghostface strikes back” as it is truly his film and he doesn’t care about the rules or movies anymore.

The returning cast from Scream (2022) is all taken to new heights as the “core four”. Each character is given major development while also retaining all the traits we loved about them in the previous. In the Scream (2022) I fell in love with Chad and Mindy but I was apprehensive with Tara and even more so with Sam. This film reaffirms my love for the twins but moreover, it completely changes how I see the Carpenter sisters. 

Barrera (left) and Ortega (right)

Tara, played by the incomparable Jenna Ortega, is Latina scream queen excellence. While also being an icon for Latino horror fans: Sam, played by Melisssa Barrera, is next a level horror superstar. While some of the scenes with Sam’s father Billy Loomis were jarring to some in the last film, they only add to the exciting journey they are taking this character on. She is powerful, hilariously witty, and has a darkness raging within her all the same.  

The returning legacy cast, while in the film sparingly, is used in the most perfect way. The support guide roles these characters play are exactly the serving fans of these characters needs to be satisfied. Courtney Cox as Gale Weathers is emotionally dynamic, rich in her badassery, and has one of the best standoffs with Ghostface in the franchise’s history as alluded to in the trailer. Her character plays the perfect role of guiding the new girls. Her intelligent back and forth with Ghostface is gold but moreover, it touches on something about Gale that has been there since the beginning. Her confrontation even touches on what rages on within our favorite final girl. Is it that same darkness? 

As the trailers revealed: Kirby Reed, played by Hayden Panettiere, is brought back for the fans who long believed she could have survived her confrontation with Ghostface in Scream 4. She has excellent scenes with both the heroes and Ghostface. Her character is more than just callbacks. She not only has to prove herself as an advocate but also as a strong final girl in her own right. Panettiere not only gives us an evolved version of Kirby but gives us surprises with what the character does in this film. That hair is also a stunning level-up!

In conclusion, Scream 6 is not only among the best films in the franchises, it firmly establishes its own characters and narratives. It gives Ghostface his own film where he is truly the star. The newcomers from Scream (2022) get their time to rise and shine. The legacy cast is perfect in their roles and gives us more than what we expect in them. The standouts among the cast of characters are Sam, Gale, Kirby, and of course Ghostface. The film only gives me excitement for a potential Scream 7 and trust that it will be done justice. My only thought left is maybe in the future a Ghostface will learn that if they want to win, don’t take off the mask.

I give Scream 6 10/10 masks for its Cast, Choreography, Sets, and stunning shots of Ghostface.

Updated and revised Scream Rating List:

Scream 1 – 10/10
Scream 2 – 8/10
Scream 3 – 7/10
Scream 4 – 10/10
Scream (2022) – 8/10
Scream 6 – 10/10

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