FHSU Student Organization Feature – Tiger Disc Golf Club


This feature is living proof that there are clubs on Fort Hays State University’s campus for any interest, hobby, sport, and activity for students from all walks of life. The FHSU Tiger Disc Golf Club is not an organization that students should overlook when searching for another way to get involved on campus and for another outlet to stay physically active. 

According to the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) website, the sport of Disc Golf was formalized in the 1970s and shares the same objective (and frustrations) as golf; complete each hole in the fewest strokes (throws). The site also points out that, similar to golf, disc golf is designed to be enjoyed by individuals of any age and is a lifetime fitness activity. 

President and Founder of Tiger Disc Golf, Dillon Spellman, explains the reasoning behind creating the club as well as the motivation to keep it active. 

“We exist to give students who enjoy playing disc golf an accessible group of other students to play with and opportunities to compete both as a team and as individuals,” Spellman said. “We also aim to show students who don’t yet play, but who are interested, how approachable and universally enjoyable disc golf can be for anyone, regardless of age, ability, or athleticism.”

Spellman believes the biggest benefit to being involved on campus is the opportunity to develop and grow in relationships that extend far beyond clubs or even college.

“Two guys who I absolutely wouldn’t have met without this club were just groomsmen in my wedding this summer,” he said. 

He backs up this statement by highlighting his favorite club memory of going to North Carolina and playing at the National Collegiate Disc Golf Championships (NCDGC).

“Playing at College Nationals with other college students from across the country was fantastic,” Spellman said. “Every college event, from the smallest local events to the National Championship, is an incredible experience. The camaraderie between teammates, as well as with players and teams from other schools, is something that I feel is unique to College Disc Golf Events.”

Spellman continues by mentioning a few events that the Tiger Disc Golf Club are involved in, as well as the putting league that they host at Defiance Brewery on Old Highway 40 every Thursday evening at 6:00 pm. 

“We are always traveling to tournaments, be it individual or collegiate events,” he said. “Whether you have ever played or not, we have plenty of discs for you to use and I am always ready to play a round and show someone the ropes. All are welcome.”

Anyone who has any interest in trying out disc golf or who already plays and wants to get involved can contact Spellman through TigerLink or at dtspellman@mail.fhsu.edu or FHSUDiscGolf@gmail.com.

Spellman wants to make sure students are aware of the existence of the club and encourages everyone to check out the Tiger Disc Golf Club if they are at all interested in joining, no matter their skill level. 

“I know there are lots of students who play who I have never met or heard from, or who are hesitant to try because they think they aren’t good enough or that it’s too serious,” he said. “I am in the process of putting together a couple of events that might appeal to that group of people as well as students who have never tried, but might want to.”

For more general information on the sport of disc golf such as the history as well as the official rules and regulations, you can visit the PDGA website at https://www.pdga.com/introduction.

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