FHSU Student Organization Feature – Cybersecurity Club


Are you interested in raising awareness of the advancing cybersecurity techniques and principles? Then FHSU’s Cybersecurity Club might pique your interest.

Cybersecurity Club President Laurie Frazier gives a quick summary of what Cybersecurity Club aims to do for its members. 

“Our goal as a club is to create a network with peers and others in the industry to share skills and knowledge to take to competitions, as well as apply to the real world,” Frazier said. 

She continues by pointing out the importance and growth of the cybersecurity profession. 

“Cybersecurity is a rapidly growing industry and we want to share the knowledge to give in security as well as our industry that’s needing so many,” she said.  

Cybersecurity Club Treasurer Chance Anderson adds to Frazier’s initial statement by speaking on the club’s ideal atmosphere and how being involved on campus has made him feel more connected to the school. 

“Our organization looks to establish an environment that is open to any students interested in cybersecurity,” Anderson said. “As an on-campus student, I am surrounded by people already. Taking the step to reach out to others in a club or intramurals, it helps to create a community here on campus.”

Anderson went on to praise Fort Hays State University for providing a multitude of opportunities for all of its students and mentioned a new internship initiative through the university. 

“FHSU offers the best for us, students, and our growing commitment to creating connections within our community while growing our skill sets,” he said. “The new CITI incubator can offer students micro-internships to grow skills and connect with small businesses in Western Kansas.”

Staying on the theme of university and community support, Anderson speaks about one of the biggest fundraisers for the Cybersecurity club as well as many other clubs on campus – Oktoberfest.

“Oktoberfest is one of our fundraisers that we always have a blast doing. It was so hard to prepare over 500 pounds of brats as a club. The actual Oktoberfest days are long and cold, but we have so much fun with each other and our advisors. We love seeing the community and them supporting us in our club,” Anderson said.

He concludes his statement with a quick note. 

“Not to brag, but we are known to have the best brats of the festival.”

Aside from Oktoberfest, the club is starting to focus on its next event of the year. 

The Cybersecurity Club will be holding an “FHSU CyberCon 2.0” this coming spring semester. FHSU CyberCon is a conference held on campus and open to any students wanting to learn more about the cybersecurity industry. The event will take place on February 17, in the Black and Gold Room in the Memorial Union. 

Frazier explains this upcoming event in greater detail. 

“We bring in multiple people from our community and industry to give discussions and presentations that are about the major topics in the field of Cybersecurity,” she said. “Our usual rundown will be posted here in January once we get back to campus and an official copy of our itinerary will be made available when we have it finalized.”

Frazier says the event usually has a keynote speaker, some department discussions, and food. After the presentations, groups move to Hammond Hall for breakout sessions, which include Capture the Flag events and Physical Lockpicking activities. 

“We also open this conference up to the public and high schoolers who want to learn more about Cybersecurity and about FHSU’s programs,” she said. 

The Cybersecurity Club hosts meetings at 6:30 p.m. every week on Tuesdays in Hammond Hall 106. The meetings are offered both on campus and online. 
For more information about the Cybersecurity Club, check out their Tigerlink at https://tigerlink.fhsu.edu/organization/csc or follow them on Instagram at @fhsucybersec 

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