Forsyth Library: A resource for all students


Fort Hays State University’s Forsyth Library makes many resources available for students on campus; however, many first-year students or students who have been here for years are not aware of them. Forsyth Library Instruction and Outreach Librarian Cynthia Landis explained the numerous resources the library offers for students, the many that go unnoticed.

One of the biggest resources Forsyth Library offers is the “Ask a Librarian” feature on the Forsyth Library website. This feature is powered by real librarians that work on campus, and they can help students answer questions or give guidance on resources that may be useful to the student. The “Ask a Librarian” chat bar is available for students every day of the week, including evenings and weekends.

A similar resource that students may not be aware of is the liaison staff in the library. There are eight different liaisons in the library, each specializing in different majors on campus. The Forsyth Staff page has each liaison listed and what majors they are designated for. These liaisons can assist students in finding research and often assist professors in what articles are resources are available for students when working on projects and papers.

Most subjects or specific classes have a subject and course guide page that acts as a mini-website for students to find resources and materials that are beneficial in their classes. Landis explains these pages as “the friend that took a class the semester before you, so you always go to them when you have a question.” These pages offer resources professors think are necessary or valuable for their students to access. They may also have links to direct sources and tutorials that can benefit them.

On the main floor of the library, there are numerous spaces available for students to reserve or utilize. There is one group study room available to reserve, one study room specifically for student veterans, and a media lab/studio for students to use. The media lab has a greenscreen and editing software that is free for students to use for fun or academic purposes. There are also individual study rooms on the main level that are first-come-first-serve.

Students interested in technology but do not have their own equipment can also check out technology at the library’s Learning Commons Desk which include a plethora of different items, all free of charge. Something many students might not know that can also be checked out at the LCD is a giant blow-up movie screen. If a student organization is hosting an event and needs a screen, the library has you covered.

Forsyth Library not only keeps resources for students but on the main level, you can also find FHSU’s Special Collections and Archives. These are historical records of Hays and FHSU history. These collections have been preserved for years and are held at FHSU for student and community access.

Outside of academic resources, Forsyth Library houses the MakerSpace, an area in the basement of Forsyth with Cricut machines, power tools, laser cutters, and a 3D printer that are all available for students to utilize. While some of these resources do require small payments, all of them allow students to get creative at high convenience. Those who need assistance can contact the MakerSpace employees that are available to assist students.

The staff at Forsyth Library wants to assist students in being successful in their academics in any way they can. Many resources are well-known to students but more go unnoticed. With a new renovation in the future, Forsyth Library is doing everything possible to make students more comfortable when asking for help. The resources placed within Forsyth Library are there for students. As a student, there is no harm in asking for help or exploring new areas of campus. 

More resources and links are available on the Forsyth Library website.

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