Sen. Moran presents $17 million renovation grant for FHSU Forsyth Library


FHSU announced a $17 million renovation grant for the Forsyth Library on Friday. 

“The nature and the role of a university library has undergone significant changes in the last few decades,” FHSU President Tisa Mason said.

Mason reminisced about her time spent in the university library, back when the library was a quiet, dark place. 

“Clearly, libraries have come a very long way,” Mason said.

However, Mason says that at its core, libraries have stayed the same. Librarians continue to provide resources and improve the lives of students. 

The Forsyth renovations will include infrastructure improvements as well as improvements recommended by students and faculty.

“In short, we’ll reinvent this space and transform it into a modern library, suited to our students and the way they study,” Dean of Forsyth Library Ginger Williams said. 

Williams thanked U.S. Sen. Jerry Moran for his work in securing funding through the National Institute of Standards and Technologies Construction of Research Facilities appropriations. 

“On behalf of all of us, I want to thank Sen. Moran and his staff for their dedicated work in making this happen for Fort Hays State University,” Williams said. 

This year, Moran has delivered on four grants for the university. Two grants were for the de-escalation center project, a grant for the College of Education for STEM rural teachers and then this grant for the library. 

Moran recognized representatives at the state level for their work in higher education funding.

“Much of the decisions about higher education spending are made in Topeka, not in Washington, D.C.,” Moran said. 

The state legislature awarded $5 million in allocations for air conditioning in Gross Memorial Coliseum. He also helped with additional funding for deferred maintenance and raises for employees.

However, Moran chaired an NISC subcommittee and utilized that opportunity to encourage them to look favorably upon the university’s library renovation. 

“Libraries have been an important part of my life from early days and we’re glad to be able to be of assistance to Fort Hays in a project that needs to be accomplished for the benefit of our students, for the future of the university,” Moran said. 

Moran emphasized the role of taxpayers in this grant. 

“I always recognize that the dollars that are being provided to support this project come from the taxpayers,” Moran said. 

Mason concluded by thanking everyone involved in the project.

“We work tirelessly, as do all of the volunteers and all of the people who serve the university and the community so thank you very much,” Mason said.

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