New Tigers for IDD Club holds first meeting


The Tigers for the Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled (IDD) club met for the first time on Wednesday to discuss the future of the organization. 

Joining them were members of Bethesda Place, a local Christian IDD support home. 

Tigers for IDD hopes to connect people in the IDD community to those wanting to hang out and have fun.

The club works closely with The Arc of Central Plains which hosts a variety of activities for people with disabilities. Such activities include bingo and game nights, movies, dances, and most notably Special Olympics. In addition to these activities, the Arc organizes seasons for basketball, cheerleading, track, bowling, softball and volleyball.

The IDD group also plans to coordinate events similar to what the Arc provides.

Co-Presidents Karisma Vignery and Addie Roth are excited for the future of the club.

“I love seeing college kids get involved with the IDD community. Hays is home to a lot of special people in my life and I want to share those people with the rest of Fort Hays State,” Vignery said. 

Vignery went on to describe how the community can come together and flourish. 

”The IDD community truly is one of the most loving and caring communities. So many friendships are built through activities we get involved in,” she said. “I love that getting involved with Tigers for IDD will build acceptance and inclusion for the IDD community.”

Roth also highlighted the club as a great volunteer opportunity in addition to the group’s mail goal of building relationships with the IDD community.

“I have found a true passion for working with this community and love an opportunity to help out. I just want other people to be able to have the same opportunity to have a relationship with these wonderful individuals,” Roth said. 

Members of the organization are also optimistic. Anniston Anderson said that she is looking forward to having different types of events and activities to volunteer at as well as getting to grow closer to the people in the club.

In a concluding call to action, President Vignery articulated the real impact of Tigers for IDD.

“Getting involved may change the life of one of our individuals, but it will also change yours.”

Meetings for Tigers for IDD are scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on the last Wednesday of each month in the Rarick Hall Foundry. More information on the group can be found on their Facebook page

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