What It Takes to be a Tiger: A love for basketball and being a Tiger


When it came to sophomore Traejon Davis choosing which school to continue his basketball career at, Fort Hays was the clear-cut option. 

“The family atmosphere is what drew me here, and I loved the facilities, the people, it looked like something I wanted to be a part of,” Davis said. 

Davis, who is also a Communications major, focusing on public relations and advertising, is consistently working on homework, at practice, or with friends. For him, being organized is a top priority. 

“I try to stay organized as best I can, I write down assignments to make sure I do not forget anything, and then I try to prioritize the best that I can,” he said. 

In the two years of his college basketball career, Davis stated that the most impactful aspect of being on the team is the life-long friendships he has made with his teammates. 

“It has been everything for me, mainly the relationships I have built with my teammates are life-long friendships,” Davis said. “They have made college enjoyable for me and have helped shape me into a better person and player.”

When asked why Davis thinks students should choose to come to Fort Hays, he said that students should come to FHSU for the educational aspect in that professors truly not only care about delivering students a great education but also that they truly care about their students. 

“Fort Hays is a great place to be, the professors really care, and education is a big deal, but also, on the athletics side, the support from the community is something you would not get anywhere else. There is just nothing like it at our level,” Davis said. 

Davis is most passionate about his faith, basketball, and his family and friends. Without him, he states, nothing would be possible for him. 

“I am most passionate about God first and foremost, without him none of this is possible. After that, family and friends are a big deal to me,” Davis said. “Basketball of course, and I am also passionate about helping people in any way I can.”

For Davis, being a Tiger means perseverance and always striving to be the best person you can be. 

“Being a Tiger means being hardworking, doing everything to your best abilities, never giving up and being the best person you could possibly be,” he said.  

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