Students return to campus ready for the semester ahead


As Christmas break came to an end and FHSU started classes back up on Tuesday, Jan. 18, students often felt a mix of excitement and dread about being back on campus. It always requires a lot of adjustment coming back from a long break.

Reagin Duesing is a junior English major who feels that being back on campus is challenging. 

“It’s a little difficult right now just because we have come back to lots of students and professors having COVID, so it kind of feels like we aren’t as present.”

With last year being online and having classes on Zoom, and COVID still going about, having this year on campus, and hopefully staying on campus, has made a big impact on the lives of the students.

Sophomores who had their freshman year entirely online are getting new experiences with being on campus. 

Brooke Addleman is a sophomore nursing student and is feeling excited to be back for the semester.

 “It feels good to have a routine again, over the break I didn’t have a set routine like I do at college. Now I am back on my normal schedule with things,” Addleman said. “I am looking forward to my in-person classes and making new friendships.”

“It feels pretty good to be on campus rather than online. I don’t learn very well online, but it feels relieving to be back on campus,” said Reed Knitter, a junior marketing major. “It is a lot harder to pay attention to a screen rather than a professor directly talking at you.”

When asked if this semester feels any different than any previous semesters, Knitter said it was a little different.

“Classes have been getting harder with less people in them,” he said. “It feels more individualized than past semesters.”  

As the pandemic continues and in-person classes also continue for this semester, Knitter shares his thoughts on how COVID has affected this semester. 

“I feel like it has affected a lot of people this semester, but it seems like people aren’t as attentive to [COVID] than we were when it first started.” 

Regardless, campus is bustling with life again as students return from break ready to tackle the 2022 spring semester. 

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