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With spooky season fast approaching, the time to start watching horror movies has arrived. Plenty of scary movies will be hitting the theaters over the coming weeks, so it’s important to see which ones are worth watching. Is Candyman worth the watch for this spooky season?

Candyman, directed by Nia DaCosta and produced by Jordan Peele, is a sequel to the 1992 film of the same name. 

For context, this movie was viewed without seeing the first film or any knowledge of what happens in the first film.

The story of the film follows an artist by the name of Anthony McCoy. Anthony is an up-and-coming artist that is struggling to find his next inspiration. After first hearing of the Candyman legend from his girlfriend’s brother, McCoy decides to look into Candyman further.

The story of this film is good. It does a fantastic job of explaining the background and history of the Candyman and events from the first film. This helps to catch the viewer up in case they have not watched the first film.

The pacing of the film is really great. It flows through really well with no slow or unnecessary moments being shown. Each act keeps you drawn in and continues to draw you in more until the movie ends.

The ending of the film is quite abrupt. It does end at a point that makes sense, but it also does leave some rather important questions up in the air. However, the confusing ending doesn’t ruin the overall experience.

All of the characters are well-written for the most part. The dialogue between the characters is realistic as well. There are moments in the film where it truly feels like we are just watching these people interact with each other rather than a movie which few films can accomplish.

Cinematography is outstanding in Candyman. Reflections play a big part in this movie and they are used spectacularly. One of the feelings the cinematography conveys is the feeling of immersion.

Near the beginning, the tall skyrise buildings are shown with the perspective being of the camera looking up at them. This shot is used in multiple types and sets in the feeling that the viewer is there looking up at the buildings themselves. Nia DaCosta outdid herself with the cinematography and it is one of the highlights of the entire film.

The other aspect of the film that stands out is the audio design. An important aspect of horror films is the audio design and how they use sounds to convey the feeling of fear to the viewer. The audio design of Candyman is overwhelming. The audio of the film is loud, but it has a very full sound that envelopes the viewer.

This does allow the feelings of the characters to be expressed more effectively. A feeling of discomfort can arise at these moments which is what the film is going for, but it can be too much for some.

Overall, Candyman is a great watch. It is a perfect film to start spooky season with. It offers a good story, great cinematography, stellar acting, and a sense of immersion. Candyman is currently playing at the Hays AMC Theater.

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