Spanish Club takes the stage with its annual Virtual Talent Show


Spanish Club hosted another Virtual Talent Show after receiving the Best New Program award for the event this fall.

The Virtual Talent Show took place last Friday evening with judges over Zoom and the performers in person.

Nathan Dozier played two songs on his semi-acoustic guitar for the opening act.

Sofi Tiscanero performed a lyrical dance and a country line dance.

Dr. Nicole English, an assistant professor of Sociology at FHSU, danced the zambra, a type of flamenco dance.

Isabel Johnson played two classical piano pieces.

And after a brief intermission, the FHSU Barn Hoppers showed off some country swing dancing.

The Barn Hoppers won 3rd place, Dozier won 2nd, and Tiscanero won 1st as well as fan favorite.

At this year’s Student Organization Awards Reception (SOAR), Spanish Club won three total awards.

Tiscanero, Spanish Club treasurer, won the Diversity Ally award.

The Spanish Club also won the Civic Engagement award for its regular Hispanic dance sessions.

Johnson, Spanish Club president, is a KAMS senior and will be attending Indiana University next year where she will major in microbiology and Spanish.

With only four performers this spring, Johnson hopes there will be more participation in the future.

“I believe that once we can hold the event both in-person and online we will have more participants,” Johnson said, “I am looking forward to having an increased participation within the club and the ability to hold in-person events again.”

For non-performers, the Virtual Talent Show cost $2 to watch as a way of fundraising for the club.

“This virtual talent show raised over $100. I would like to thank everyone who donated for supporting the Spanish Club,” Johnson said. “We are planning to use the funds to go on a Hispanic Food Tour in Wichita once it is safe.”

While the talent show is over, the Spanish Club is still taking donations at

“I really appreciate everyone who made the Spanish Club Virtual Talent Show possible. It was a great experience, and I hope it will continue in the years to come,” Johnson said.

A short highlight video made by Mike Strong can be found here:

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