Hays City Commission award bids for infrastructure improvements


The Hays City Committee spent much of last week’s meeting awarding bids for improvements across the City of Hays.

City of Hays Project Manager John Braun presented the first bid, which was for road improvements at 230th Ave. and 55th St.

Because this project is funded in part by a grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation, it requires engineering services.

Braun presented the engineering service bid as well. The commissioners approved it and the improvement bid.

Jeff Crispin, City of Hays director of Water Resources also presented four bids.

The first was for a new water production lime slaker, a machine that helps balance water pH and removes impurities from the supply.

“The lime slaker is an important piece of equipment that converts dry calcium oxide, which is also known as quicklime or pebble lime, into calcium hydroxide slurry,” Crispin said.

He also presented bids for portable generators, sewer cleaning and inspection and well rehab.

The sewer cleaning would ensure good flow through the sewers and alert the city to any needed repairs. The well rehab would clean out mineral buildup on 37 local wells.

“Wells, depending on use, should be rehabilitated every five to ten years,” Crispin said.

The commissioners approved each of these bids.

In addition to the bids, the commissioners heard the city’s financial statement from City of Hays Director of Finance Kim Rupp.

Assistant City Manager Collin Bielser concluded the meeting by presenting the city’s progress report.

The report included activities from public works, the Hays Fire Department and the Convention and Visitors Bureau.

Public works constructed rain barrels, the HFD held their live fire event and the CVB worked on virtual tours and presenting a bid to bring the Shrine Bowl to Hays.

Bielser also updated the commissioners on the progress of the Vine Street corridor project, which has now entered its second phase.

With no further business, the meeting concluded.

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