City commission discusses projects, lifted mask mandate


This week’s Hays City Commission meeting was brief, focusing on local construction and maintenance projects.

Hays Superintendent of Planning Inspection Enforcement, Curtis Deines, presented plans for the Big Creek Estates’ second addition.

As Deines explained to the commissioners, the land chosen for the new addition to housing development must be rezoned from Agricultural A-L to Residential General District “R-G.”

Such zoning designations allow the city to build houses on the land but allows for the potential building of libraries, schools and daycares.

After the commissioners approved the rezoning, Deines presented the final plat of the Big Creek Estates’ second addition.

According to Deines, this plat includes 14 plots of homes with one private cul-de-sac. The plots will be near a flood plain, but the developer will allow for appropriate drainage while developing the area.

In addition, the homes will not be able to connect to rural water, but the plans for the plat include drilling private wells for each home.

Following Deines, Hays Project Manager John Braun presented the award of bids for the 2021 Street Maintenance Program.

According to Braun, this program was originally presented to the City Commission in November. 

The program has a budget set at just under $1 million and will include a series of seven projects across the City of Hays. These projects include street seal coats and poly patches, curb and brick repair, concrete patching, mill and overlay, pavement marking and sidewalk installation.

Before the meeting concluded, the commissioners discussed the lift of the Hays mask mandate.

Commissioner Shaun Musil thanked the community, county and region for working to promote safety over the past year.

“People are coming back to Hays because they’re getting their vaccinations,” Musil said. “They’re coming back to the community because they feel comfortable.”

Commissioner Mellick encouraged everyone to receive the vaccine when they have the chance.

Mayor Sandy Jacobs, who gave the closing comments, said that she hoped the mandate would establish some different behaviors and that the Hays medical community has informed her that the masks are the reason that the flu has not been prevalent in the area this year.

Jacobs explained that, while the mandate has been lifted, she has still encountered community members who are continuing to wear them and that the mandate has not been lifted at a state level.

“I appreciate that people are making the choices they are making, but it is their choice at this point in time,” she said.

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