International students connect with the Hays community


The International Education Week (IEW) 2020 was held at Fort Hays State University this week. One of the main events was the ZOOM conversation between international students and people from the Hays community.

The International Students Services Office and all of its employees were in charge of this week, consisting of online events and activities related to international students and exchange students at FHSU. During the four days of celebration, there were many events, including some sharing of cultures, a culinary event, and most notably, the international student contact with the Hays community.

This event was held via ZOOM Wednesday morning. Each student represented their country and presented their experiences about Fort Hays State University. Additionally, each student was given a background or flag from each country, making it eye-catching and unique. There was an attendance of 23 people, and 14 countries were represented. 

“Hear them speak about the care and deep love for FHSU, you could tell each one was truly speaking from the heart,” Angie Roth, assistant director international student services, said.

“Each person also mentioned how lucky they were to have the opportunity to spend time at FHSU and the Hays community, but really, we are the lucky ones who get to spend time with each international student”. 

Also, people from the Hays community had the opportunity to interact with students from different countries. It was a beautiful occasion, full of joy and special encouragement. 

“It was a lovely moment; having the opportunity to present a little bit of my country’s culture to the Hays community seemed like an excellent idea. I thank the International Students Services Office for giving us the opportunity.” Jonathan Gammelvind, from Denmark, said.

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