Ellis County primary election results


Across the state of Kansas, voters converged on local polling places to cast ballots for federal and state House and Senate seats.

While the Aug. 4 primary saw contested federal seats, voters in Ellis County voted on local representation, including county offices. According to preliminary results, many of these positions, such as the Democratic choices for county clerk, attorney and sheriff as well as the Republican choices for township officers, were chosen by write-in.

The Democratic vote for county commissioners of the 2nd and 3rd Districts went to a write-in, and L.R. Boyd, respectively. The Republican votes for 2nd District Commissioner saw 40.16% for Neal Younger, 34.38% for incumbent Dustin G. Roths and 25.46% for Kerry McCue. One-hundred percent of Republican votes for county commissioner of the 3rd District went to Dean Haselhorst.

The Democratic choices for county clerk and register of deeds was determined by write-in, while Julie Mercer was chosen for treasurer. Republicans, on the other hand, voted for Bobbi L. Dreiling as clerk and Rebecca A. Herzog as register of deeds. The party’s vote for treasurer spilt between Vernon Ruder Jr. at 38.26%, incumbent Lisa Schlegel at 31.89% and Sherry Dryden at 29.85%.

Robert A. Anderson Jr., Republican candidate for Ellis County attorney, received 64.94% of votes compared to fellow Republican Christopher Lyon’s 35.06%. Scott J. Braun received 100% of Republican votes for county sheriff. The Democratic votes for these same positions went to write-ins.

Tuesday’s election also saw Ellis County residents voting for the 23rd District Judges of the 1st and 2nd divisions. For Democrats, the positions went to write-in candidates while splitting their votes for 1st Division Judge between Thomas J. Drees at 48.29%, Blake A. Bittel at 36.01% and Kerry Wasinger at 15.70%. One hundred percent of Republican votes for 2nd Division Judge went to Glenn R. Braun.

On the state level, the Ellis County ballot also featured the race for state representatives of the 110th and 111th Districts and state senator of the 40th District. The Democratic vote determined the 110th District representative by write-in, while unanimously voting for Eber Phelps for the 111th District. They likewise chose Larry Joseph Dreiling as candidate in the state senate of the 40th District.

The Republican votes for these same positions were unanimous. Incumbent Barb Wasinger was chosen for state representative of the 111th District, and incumbent Ken Rahjes for the 110th. Rick Billinger was chosen for state senator of 40th District, where he currently serves.

Like voters across the state of Kansas, Ellis County cast votes for U.S. senators and representatives.

The county’s Republican vote for representative saw Tracey Mann leading with 53.08%, followed by Bill Clifford at 25.92%, Jerry Molstad at 19.93% and Michael Soetaert at 1.07%. The Democratic vote had Kali Barnett at 63.29% and Christy Cauble Davis at 36.71%.

The Republican vote for U.S. Senate places Roger Marshall at 55.37%, leading a long list of voters. He was followed by Bob Hamilton at 18.96% and Kris Kobach at 16.85%.

Ellis County Democrats, voting for the same position, favored Barbara Bollier at 86.02% over Robert Leon Tillman at 13.98%.

Though the Ellis County polls have closed, these results are only preliminary. Final results for the Aug. 4 primary are yet to be canvassed..

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