SGA getting ready for elections


Though Fort Hays State University students are finishing their Spring semester online, activities are moving forward as best they can. The Student Government Association, for example, is still preparing for Spring elections.

Normally held online as well as in person, the elections allow students to vote for their student senators, president and vice president, and on the SGA constitution and bylaws.

“These will occur completely through Tigerlink. So whenever students log on to vote,” said SGA Legislative Affairs Director Kaytee Wisley, “they will vote for the representation in their college, the president/vice president tickets and to approve the constitution and bylaws.”

To run for senator or on a ticket for president/vice president, students needed to submit an intent-to-run form last week. However, Wisley stated that students can still run as a write-in, though this will be considered valid only if they receive five or more votes.

“To be a senator, they must be enrolled in at least one credit hour on campus and have at least a 2.5 GPA. President/vice president tickets must run together, and they must both be enrolled in at least one credit hour on campus and have at least a 2.75 GPA,” she said.

With campaigns already underway, students are gearing up for elections. Barring delays from ties, Wisley hopes to have the results posted on the SGA Facebook page by April 21. In the meantime, she would like to remind students of the importance of voicing their opinion in the elections.

“Those people will represent them on university committees, bring their concerns to our Senate meetings, and you want to make sure that the best people are in those positions,” she said.

Tiger Media Network will be working with SGA to publish informational articles on the candidates running for various positions, so stay tuned to TMN for more info in the coming days. 

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