SGA holds weekly meeting; Discusses Safe Ride, Sexual Assault Awareness, Corona Virus Updates


SGA had their weekly meeting Thursday night, beginning with the executive report.

President Brad DeMers had safety concerns for parking as well as updated the senate on the dean search issue that had no student representation on the search committee. This issue was pushed off to the Robins College Advisory. DeMers gave an update as well on fees regarding safe ride, which had funding difficulties. 

Vice President Michael Musgrove fixed a mistake in numbering the bills for the evening. Musgrove also updated the student senate on The General Education Committee. This was a discussion about the rubric for the department on how to measure how they fulfill those outcomes, but this does not determine grades. 

Treasurer Graham Applegate talked about the last allocation workshop, with positive feedback from student organizations about the new system.

Legislative affairs director Kaytee Wisely spent her week preparing for higher education day and so discussed changes to the day’s topics, with removing an action item.

Jacki Dougherty talked about her meeting Friday with University Relations Marketing and there will be an article about the Big Event in Roar Magazine in a summer issue dedicated to service. She also met with Town and Gown, an organization that focuses on collaboration between community and campus. They talked about upcoming events including the Big Event.

Next, they moved on to committee reports, beginning with the appropriations committee, which heard two requests this week and has multiple bills within the committee. 

The legislative and political action committee discussed how the new fee review bill will affect their committee and met with President DeMers about the safe ride resolution. 

Student affairs are working on bylaw changes and have multiple bills coming through the committee. Student relations and involvement committee discussed a new safe app and ways to promote it on campus. The allocations committee chair reminded the senators of the allocations deadline and told them the questions can be directed towards their office.

Prior to the open forum, the SGA installed a new senator.

During the open forum, senators discussed topics such as sexual assault awareness on campus. This topic came from Senator Salsado, who also requested a brief presentation on sexual assault and whether a committee such as the legislative and political action committee considered the possibility of more cameras on campus. 

President DeMers discussed the Corona Virus issue regarding the two campuses in China, the students at SIAS have been advised to not return to campus and to do classes online through Blackboard. SMU is still determining its plan of action. DeMers reminded the senate that the SGA represents these students as well.

Before the conclusion of the open forum LAD Wisely said that she had a conference call that discussed an upcoming student organization contest. 

As a part of new business, the senate heard several new bills. They then moved onto old business and voted on three bills funding trips to student organizations such as the Political Science Honors Society. Each bill passed.

Before the meeting concluded the senators gave announcements. This included Senator Becker reminding the senate that the last allocations committee meeting was that night. Other announcements included a sorority selling roses for Valentine’s Day and a fashion show held on Sunday. 

The SGA will reconvene Thursday, February 20th at 7:00 p.m.

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