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Stretch Films has been diligently working on new projects including John R Dilworth’s (Creator of Courage the Cowardly Dog) new film Howl If You Love Me. Stretch Films has been known to come out with impressive projects which include 2017’s Goose in High Heels. The film, like other works by John R Dilworth, is filled with interesting character designs, innovative animations, and beautiful imagery representing some pertinent topics. With the recent release of Goose in High Heels on Vimeo, we look back at the film to see its exciting animation and character designs. The film’s release will help support the development of Howl If You Love Me. This brief look at Goose in High Heels will contain spoilers for the film.

While most of Dilworth’s work is up to the interpretation of the fans, this film has a multitude of themes, characters, and locations to analyze.  Furthermore, it isn’t entirely clear as to what roles each character in the film represents exactly. For example, we have what can be perceived as a father, mother, and son as the main trio of characters but it is never outright stated that these are actually the particular roles that these characters fulfill.

We can look and the things that are directly stated, for example, there is an animator who was trying to find inspiration for a new project. The process in which he goes about developing the new project through being inspired by his muse ( the character that could be seen as the mother figure) while also maintaining an exhausting relationship with a corporate bigwig character.  There are also other plotlines that are similar to his plates and parallel his life. The character who could be seen as the son is interested in another girl while also the father’s project shows similar developments between the Goose and her husband.

The film hits even harder when the father figure or animator character has vivid images/visions of losing his lover to what could be seen as death but as depicted as a demon. This itself acts as a representation of how has music can inspire his work to be both sad or happy throughout different points in his life. While it is true that the mother type character does not actually die, this confrontation with a very real potential frightens the man that similarly inspires him.

In conclusion Goose in High Heels is a film about inspiration and love coming in particular how we use our love to inspire the work that we do every day. While there are many interpretations to be had concerning this film, this one happens to be mine. John Dilworth has often mentioned that he never wants to prevent a fan to have their own perspective or idea as to how the film should be interpreted or show should be interpreted. The film is particularly representative of what Stretch Films’  filmography is like and the Legacy that it has. 

Goose in High Heels is now available on VimeoMore information on Stretch Films can be found at

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