The Brass Rail Gets Loud with local band Dangerously Biased and special guests


The Brass Rail got loud last Saturday night as local band Dangerously Biased performed alternative rock music to an audience of excited viewers. Their band was accompanied by Aether, a rock band from Dodge City, and Headlight Rivals, a rock band from Manhattan.

Together the three bands performed rock-on hits by Dangerously Biased such as “Whisper”, “I Saw It All”, “Pushover”, “Keep Your Cool”, and “Jailbreak Maria Ross” just to name a few.

Dangerously Biased is composed of two artists, Matt Isley and Sophi Thompson. Matt describes the band’s origin. 

“We started back in 2017 and have been focusing on the central Kansas area, we both play bass guitar and drums, and we typically share the vocals for most of our songs,” he said.

The featured band Headlight Rivals is based out of Manhattan, Kansas and includes 3 artists, Eric Kleiner who specializes in guitar and vocals, Seven Black who plays the bass guitar and piano, their drummer Kris Kleiner, Pete Boulger on percussion, Rich Mattson on slide guitar and backing vocals, Kate Trimmell on backing vocals, and Jeff Denney on the air guitar. “All The Same To Me”, “So Well”, “Stuck”, and “Would It Kill You” include a few of their top hits. Their songs can be similarly compared to those of the accompanying bands at the event. 

Aether, the featured band out of Dodge City, Kansas includes Orlando Galvan on the vocals, Alex Rodriguez on drums, Hugo Hernandez on the guitar, and Brady Linn on the bass guitar. A few of their top hits include “Sweet Demise”, “Bent”, “Falling”, and “Blue Pill”.

The culmination of all 3 talented rock bands together at the Brass Rail made for an intense and exciting evening out on the town.  

More info on each band can be found on their Facebook pages.

Dangerously Biased 


Headlight Rivals

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