Hays Community Theatre presents “Fruitcakes” over the weekend; will perform in Grainfield Saturday


Over the course of Friday, December 6th, Saturday, December 7th, and Sunday the 8th, the Hays Community Theatre presented “Fruitcakes”, a fun-filled play featuring a batch of fruitcakes, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, a terrifying chicken pox epidemic, an old man, a sad lost cat named Tutti Frutti, two southern women, and a hog named Buster. 

The story of Jamie, a young kid who runs away from home, has a heart-warming finish as he ends up enjoying a newfound town after initially thinking the residents were “nuttier than fruitcakes”. 

This busy production was sure to bring everyone who attended a joy-filled holiday cheer as the fun music and exciting events enhanced anyone’s mood on the cold winter days. 

This exciting event was located at the 12th Street Auditorium near Downtown Hays and was sponsored by Eagle Communications.

Christmas is fast approaching and holiday cheer is everywhere, don’t let the business of this season keep you from embracing the joy this time of year has for all! 

HCT will take “Fruitcakes” on the road to the Historic Grainfield Opera House this upcoming Saturday evening. Curtain is at 7:00 p.m. and tickets can be purchased at the door or by calling Diana Kaiser at 785-938-4416 or Ron Eberle at 785-673-9519. 

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