Unofficial Results of Local Election


Local elections, including school board races, for Ellis County were held on Tuesday, Nov. 5.

This year, the county saw a 26.09% voter turnout for the local elections.

While the unofficial results are in, the definitive results will be reported in mid-November when canvassing is concluded.

In the city of Ellis, Devid R. McDaniel was elected mayor and Faith Anna Scheck was elected Treasurer. John A. Walz, Tricia Pritchett and Samuel Nicholas Polifka were elected to the city council.

Mason R. Ruder, Michael K. Berges and Ron Mellick were elected as Hays City Commissioners.

In Victoria, John Schulte was elected mayor while Erica Dinges and Dustin Schumacher were elected to the city council.

United School Districts 388, 432 and 489 all held school board elections.

Cindy Hertel, Randy S. Honas, Brian Shannon and Marty Hollern were elected to the U.S.D. 388 School Board.

Janea Dinkel, Kevin Huser, Tammy Lichter and Jacque Schmidt were elected to the U.S.D. 432 School Board.

Tammy Wellbrock, Allen Park, Craig Pallister and Lori Ann Hertel were elected to the U.S.D. 489 School Board.

The Big Creek Improvement District Directors will be Duane F. Kuhn, Larry D. Leiker, Joe Deckman and Deborah Allen while Shane Gregg was elected director for the Prairie Acres Improvement District.

Allen P. Roth, Tatum Sprague-Kimzey were elected to the Extension Council.

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