Vegan potluck hosted Oct. 26, more to come at Hays Public Library


The Otter Juice Company hosted a vegan potluck organized by the community group Herbivora on Oct. 26 at 7 p.m.

Herbivora is an organization put together by Brendon MacCathmohoil. He first arranged the organization in August of 2018 with the intent to provide the community a way to learn more about plant-based foods and healthy eating options, much like the potlucks. 

“I became active with vegan potlucks when I was an undergrad at Fort Hays,” MacCathmohoil said. “They were really successful and popular for a while. The vegan potlucks provide a sense of community for vegans, vegetarians and people interested in plant-based diets.”

The first potluck was organized in 2009, but due to circumstances, MacCathmohoil had to take a break from organizing them. They were once again brought to the community in August 2018, after the Otter Juice Company opened.

As the Otter Juice Company will be closing at the end of this month, and the potlucks are typically a monthly event, they will be moving locations.

“We’re going to have them at the library,” MacCathmohoil said. “We might have some other locations in the future. We’ve had them at a couple of the parks around town before, in the warmer months.”

MacCathmohoil said the potlucks usually have themes, such as holiday themes or food from around the world, and those bringing food to the potlucks are asked to bring recipes to share with those attending. For more information on when the potlucks will be taking place, visit the Herbivora page on Facebook.

“I think the potlucks are a great way for people to enjoy delicious food and learn more about plant-based diets,” MacCathmohoil said. “It also is an easy, friendly way to introduce people from western Kansas to plant-based foods and show the benefits of them and how delicious they can be.”

Photo by Danyang Yuan: The Otter Juice Company hosted community group Herbivora’s vegan potluck for the last time on Oct. 26. Future potlucks will take place in various places throughout the community, and until 2019, they will be held at the library monthly. Visit Herbivora for more information.

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