A FusionFall Retro-Spective Interview with Przzyfied


The FusionFall Universe Community is expansive in terms of the types and amount of people included. This also extends to the games current Developers. Brendan Przywara  known as “PrzzyFied” spoke to us before on the development of the FusionFall universe project, with the completion of his FusionFall retro playthrough and continuous development on the project I was able to speak with Brendan Przywara again, this time concerning his experiences with the game, his audience, future content, and other related projects like FusionFall legacy’s development.

John Carter JR (JPJ)- Now that your main playthrough of the game is complete, what is your next step as a content creator and developer? Can fans expect more content in their notification box from the Przzyfied channel soon?

Brendan “Przzyfied” Przywara  (BP)- You absolutely will. I’m actually going to post a video soon that talks all about what I’m going to be doing next, and what people can expect from the channel in the future. To sum it up, I will be continuing playthroughs and other things like that on my Twitch channel, and take the time to make really quality videos that I want to make on my YouTube channel. I want to make well-made, respectable videos that can eventually help grow my channel, while still entertaining the people who have been here since the beginning.

JPJ- When Legacy comes out will we see a similar playthrough of that and is there anything you are excited about concerning Legacy?

BP-  I will definitely be doing one for Legacy, I don’t think I’ll ever do any other playthroughs on my YouTube channel, but the FusionFall games are a big exception. That one excites me because I’ll have had extensive knowledge in how the game was developed and I think that would be a very interesting perspective to talk about while playing through the game. Documentation of this game is really important to me, as it didn’t really have a lot the first time around, so creating videos in order to spread the word about the game is something that I’m really passionate about.

JPJ- What was it like to have fans show up for your final showdown with Fuse in-game?

BP-   It truly was amazing. I personally didn’t expect that many people at all, I figured most people would be busy or just wouldn’t care. But it really was a special moment. I got to run through the boss room with like ~10 groups of people or so, and then recorded the fight for real by myself and had a massive dance party with everybody after it was over. It’s definitely not something I’ll forget anytime soon.

JPJ- What was the process like developing written work for the Retro, for example, the spider monkey missions?

BP-   It’s really just a matter of figuring out what you want the player to end up doing, and then figuring out how to realistically write the dialogue so that can happen. For the Spidermonkey missions specifically, I knew that I had ~4ish missions that needed to eventually end in a Fusion Spidermonkey fight, so I was essentially just trying to write a believable narrative with that ending. In the end, I think it turned out really great. As for process, it’s really just a matter of me writing down all of the strings we would need in a document, giving it some basic structure, and then I pass it off to the other developers who go about actually putting it in the game.

JPJ- How different is the process of writing missions for Retro than it is for Legacy?

BP- Retro is a touch more limited, but that’s honestly not even a bad thing. For example, each mission task can only have 2 NanoCom messages. That’s just the way the game works internally, I can’t change that. So it kind of makes you think creatively as to how to broadcast what you want to say, which I think ultimately helps the writing out, because making something too long is just as much of a problem as making something too short and bland. There’s also a limit to the amount of things you can actually do in each mission task: fight a monster, go to a spot, talk to someone, warp somewhere, etc. In Legacy, these things are a bit more expansive, so it offers a lot more freedom, but I genuinely think that the limitations of Retro allow us to write really creative and quality missions.

JPJ- How has the journey been for you personally with FusionFall Retro, particularly with your viewer base?

BP-  It’s been a journey, that’s for sure. I think I talked about this a bit last time, but we’ve been through so many highs and lows together it truthfully feels like a part of me that I can’t ever give up. I used to be this kid who just made videos instead of doing my homework in high school, but now I have people who really resonate with the stuff I’m making, and are constantly waiting for what I’ll do next. It’s a strange feeling, but something I think I’m completely ready to handle. I’m really, really lucky that I get to do this with the people that I have.

JPJ- Will we see more character tier list videos like the Ben Ten Alien video?

BP-  That is around the benchmark I want to set for future videos for the channel. It was really fun to make, people seemed to really like it, and it felt really satisfying when I was all done with it. So more videos of that caliber are what you can expect in the future.

JPJ- How will the playthrough continue to move forward?

BP-  We’ve been adding content to the game though updates since it launched, and that isn’t stopping now. The playthrough will continue to have parts once more updates with new missions are released.

FusionFall Retro had been in a Long development, fans have been eagerly awaiting the return of their beloved childhood game. While we wait for FusionFall Legacy fans have the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful recreation. Thank you very much to Brendan Przywara and the rest of the FusionFall  Development team for the opportunity to have this interview. We hope to see more excellent content from the FusionFall development team.

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