Career Services Hosts Making Your Mark Career Readiness Week



Throughout this past week, students were given the opportunity to engage and further improve their career skills in the events held Sunday the 15th to Wednesday, September 18th. On Sunday, Tailored for Tigers took place at the Forsyth Library. This event is a professional clothing closet students looking for an internship/job need to take advantage of. 

Students can use the clothing donated by other students or even faculty for interviews, business presentations, and workplace dinners. If you have an extensive closet full of classic items you no longer use then you are encouraged to donate them to Tailored for Tigers, where students in need of more professional dress can freely express themselves and join the workforce after college looking sharp. 

Have you ever questioned, what is the proper way to eat at a quality dinner with your possible future employer? Well, Tammy Wellbrock had some insight on this special occasion at the Etiquette Dinner held Monday, September 16th at 7:00 pm in the Memorial Union Ballroom. 

The menu consisted of caesar salad, chicken or beef fillet as the entrée, and a Lemon Berry Mascarpone dessert.

“You want to consider different things like topics that are neutral,” Wellbrock said. “Which means no religion or political topics should be brought to the dinner table.”

Each table had an educator as their table host for the night to ask questions and learn from as practice. 

“This is my second year. Many years in business management I wish I had someone to pull me aside and tell me what to and not to do at business meals” Tom Lippert, an Instructor in the Department of Management said.

Professors have reasons for participating in this event, “The only reason I come is to support the students” Lippert said.

Career Readiness had many occurrences this past Tuesday including, Personal Branding, Career Readiness, Professional Development, and Professional Headshots provided by the Career Services faculty right outside of Memorial Union. These courtesies were available to young adults from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm September 17th. There were also booths stationed around the Courtyard for students to take the opportunity to prepare themselves for the real world and introduce the utilities Career Services has to offer. 

Career and Internship Day took place on Wednesday, September 18. This event was in the Memorial Union Ballroom and was accessible from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Departments and local businesses all around campus are looking for employment. College freshman, Molly Minihan, is in the L3 learning community and an agriculture major who went to this event. 

“The Ag Department is looking for Freshman-Juniors to do internships, ” Minihan said. 

Career services have given students the opportunity all week to get their name out there and follow their chosen career path.

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