A yearly menace is approaching

As fall quickly approaches, along with the colorful trees and cooler weather comes something far less enjoyable, the flu. Protecting yourself from this yearly menace is easy, and for Fort Hays State University students, possibly free.

The Student Health Center, in the Memorial Union, offered 300 of this years immunization shots, and while they are currently out of stock, there will be 100 more ordered, arrving within the next week or two, according to Traci Ditter, a registered nurse in the center. Even with the limited supply on campus there are many other outlets to recive the shot free, or at a low cost.

“They should get them,” Ditter said. “Even if they have to pay for them.”

“They are in close contact with so many people…the flu shot will help them from getting (the flu),” Ditter said.

Throughout the Hays community there are many options available for students to get the shot.

The Hays Medical Center Foundation will be sponsoring free drive-thru flu shots on Sunday, October 20 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. where the flu vaccine will be given to adults and children aged 6 months and older. Students wanting to receive a flu shot should enter the north entrance of HaysMed on Canterbury Drive. To make the drive through easier students are asked to wear a short sleeved shirt.

For students that are unable to attend that event the Ellis County Health Department also has the shot available every Monday during office hours for $20 or at other times, if staff is available. Students wishing to recieve a shot from the department are encouraged to print and fill out this form at https://www.dispenseassist.net/flu.html

Walgreens, at 2600 Vine also has shots available. According to Greg Bethel, the pharmacy manager, the out of pocket cost is $31.99, but for most “insurance will cover a portion of that.

While many students feel that they may not need a shot, as the semeseter draws to a close it may be an extremely inconvient time to fall ill.

“If they do get the flu, the actual influenza, they will be out of school…they will miss a ton of school…they will be sick, sick, sic,” Ditter said.

More information about the flu and why vaccinations are encouraged can be found at http://www.cdc.gov/flu/index.htm.

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