“National Sunday Law” Claims Catholic Church Papacy is the Beast?

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On Saturday, January 6, 2018, I returned to the Fort Hays State University campus in Hays, Kansas, to ready myself for the new semester. My baggage was unpacked, the supplies stored away, and the sense of temporary relaxation was in the air. It wasn’t until late that night, I realized I had not checked the mail. What I found was interesting in appearance, to say the least.

Within my mailbox was a copy of a small book titled “National Sunday Law.” I did not open it, nor care for much of what it was at the moment. So it sat in my room for several days till curiosity sparked. My hope was the book contained information on United States laws and how to understand them. The hope could not have been more wrong.

Out of the 94 numbered pages, I only managed to get through 62 before placing this “book” back on the desk. The author, A. Jan Marcussen, begins by describing a variety of terrible acts that have occurred in the past, even referencing the 9/11 Attacks. He then goes on to describe “the greatest nation on earth” that rose out of peace unlike the “often blood-soaked nations of Europe”. This great nation, as Marcussen believes, is the United States. To a number of people, this could be enough to hook their reading into the absolute chaos that unfolds in the next pages.

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Summarizing, Marcussen believes he has found the great beast mentioned in the Christian Bible. The beast is the Papacy of the Catholic Church stationed in Vatican City. He claims the church is the beast controlled by Satan because one of the non-official titles of the Pope is Vicarius Filii Dei or Vicar of the Son of God. In Roman Numerals, Vicarius Filii Dei equates to 666. The “Mark of the Beast” is Sunday Worship whilst the “Image of the Beast” is Protestant America.

So why does he believe this? The simple answer is through his [Marcussen’s] own interpretation of the Bible alongside the history of the Vatican. But questioning the belief of this man is not the focus for today. The real question is why was this book sent to me, a college student?

Through short discussions, I have been told that multiple individuals within Hays, KS, have also received this text. But why here and by who? The stamp on the back of the text states:

Non-Profit Organization
U.S. Postage
Okeene, OK
Permit #28.

I am not against non-profit organizations, particularly religious-based, from sending out free texts, pamphlets, info cards, etc. But there seems to be no reason to why such an organization would choose a college-town in Western Kansas and speculation only goes so far.

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3 Replies to ““National Sunday Law” Claims Catholic Church Papacy is the Beast?”

    1. The people who pass out those books are Seven day adventist. The man that wrote that book explains exactly how he came to his conclusion and tells you where he got his information. People don’t want to believe it because many people think the mark is your social security number or a micro chip. This is all a part of the deciever’s plan the keep people ilinformed, unfocused, and under the impression that he doesn’t exist.

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