College Radio Music Showcase Recap


One of the most exciting events to happen on campus was last night at 7 pm in Cody Commons. Students across campus and members of the community came out and supported the College Radio Music Showcase Vol. 1, coordinated by KFHS Radio Station Manager, Kadrae D. Smith.

Overall the event had over 45 attendees and the amount of energy and support that the community gave the various acts was monumental. Primair, a rock band from Hays KS, opened the show with a heavy performance that was equally matched with the energy from the audience. After that was the acoustic/pop artist from Derby Ks, Eric Freel. Freel was ecstatic about the support he received from the audience and how much they loved his music.

“I had an amazing time performing for everybody. It was my first real solo act where I incorporated live looping and I am glad they enjoyed it.”

Headlining the show was the epic rock band, Big Mama Fluoride. They performed a highly infectious set with a creative sound, that can make anybody want to get up and dance. Their drummer, Braden Wiesen, played what they called, an ancient aztecian flute that captivated the entire audience.

In between each performance, show host and promoter Kadrae D. Smith, also known as DJ Krae, played #factorkraekrae with audience members and giving out prizes to the winners.

Overall, the event was a huge success. A few attendees asked members of the TMN crew about being able to do this on a monthly basis. It is KFHS Radio goal to be more involved with the FHSU and Hays Community since the Radio station is #ForTigersByTigers.

If you are interested in being involved with KFHS Radio, whether it is being an On-air radio DJ or help with event coordinating contact for more information.

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