Around the Corner: What’s After Las Vegas?

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One of the many questions people are asking after the recent mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, is “How did this happen?” or “Why did this happen?” A far more popular question with many is “When will the next one be?”

We as a society have become accustomed to mass shooting events. If you don’t think this is true, consider the path considered after every event. A mass shooting occurs, we send support across the nation via social media, the two government controlling parties argue in Congress, then we move on until the next event.

During the Obama Presidency, executive orders were made in response to mass shootings so future events could be curbed. I cannot say if these were successful due to lack of research and attention to gather data over the last eight years. Where the orders and any laws passed may have failed or not, there is one reaction that is so common these events – increase in the sale of firearms.

People, particularly those who believe in gun rights, flock to gun stores in wake of any mass shooting. They hold on to this belief that owning a firearm will protect themselves in the case of a mass shooting or robbery. Avoiding the argument between control or rights, we have to look at the impact these increased sales actually have.

I have no problem with an individual’s right to defend themselves if there is a just probable cause. However, higher gun sales mean more gun owners or an increase in the number of guns one owner has. You can properly assume that means more people are thus able to defend themselves. But let’s be honest with each other, humans are dumb.

There are countless stories of accidents and misfires that result in lives lost. I would bet you a number of these individuals rushing to have no experience or training with firearms. Those who are current or previous gun owners would, but I highly doubt they make up the majority of these individuals.

It is a sad thing to hear that people in this country have to walk around in their communities or other parts of the country with a firearm in order to protect themselves. Yes, there are dangerous people out in the real world and it just goes to show how we as a species are no better than thousands of generations before us. We have become afraid of each other so much, and rightly so in some cases.

My curiosity of this event is not how or why it happened, nor when is the next one to occur, but rather what are we going to do as a country to curb this violence?

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