Consent is Sexy Workshop


A workshop titled, “Consent is Sexy” gave women the chance to learn about consent last Tuesday September thirteenth in the Memorial Union Pioneer Room 133.

Amy Floyd, a graduate assistant for Sexual Assault Prevention and Student Conduct, elaborated on what consent meant.

“So what is sexy? Sexy is when it is good to be in your skin, your body feels right, and it feels comfortable. Sexy is when you love being you.”

She continued to elaborate on what being sexy meant. A lot of the women favored intelligence and respect to be the sexiest quality in a man. She went on to include her various personal experiences. Aside from that, she gave women a call to action.

“If you’re ever in doubt, if there’s ever something in the back of your mind where you’re not sure, ask.”

Options Center for Sexual Assault, the Kelly Center, and the police are also good places to call if students need help or extra attention on relationship matters.



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