KFHS Radio New Artist: Matthew Stewart


Matthew Stewart is an acclaimed performing, touring, writing and recording artist based in San Francisco, California. Having toured North America and Europe at a young age, he is a veteran performer that draws from many genres that include Folk, Alternative, Classical, Soul and Spanish music.  Blending these styles together so well is what gives him his unique sound. Ben Howard, Hozier, and James Bay are some of the artists often associated with him,”One of the most mysterious and beautiful things we can experience is Art. That said, the art in which I’m married to and completely obsessed with is Music.”

At first, listen, the new single might sound innocent enough, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find it weaves a tale not commonly told in the indie-folk realm. Opening with Stewart’s soft guitar strums, it quickly dives in and sets the tone for the track with the first line: “She listens to love songs to fill the hole in her heart”.

Shortly after, the main sentiment of the song is established: an emotionless relationship pursued for the sake of great sex, as exemplified by the line “Our love was fire, but our hearts glass”. Stewart’s croons soar over a base of upbeat guitar rhythms, textured piano, and horns that gleefully transition between lament and triumph.

“This is my most accomplished work to date. I couldn’t be happier with the sound we were able to produce. I was finally able to capture everything I heard.”


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