FHSU Brass Choir Plays in Dallas

Last week the Fort Hays State University Brass Choir had the extraordinary opportunity to perform in Dallas prefacing a performance by the Dallas Wind Symphony. The song they played was a fanfare, written by FHSU’s own Dr. Jeff Jordan. The “Dallas Winds” as they are more casually known, holds a composing competition every year, and this year Dr. Jordan took the trophy. 40 to 50 compositions were entered in the contest, and considering the Dallas Wind Symphony is the top professional concert band, it was a huge honor for FHSU to be selected.

Dr. Lane Weaver, the band director, said that the experience was phenomenal, “truly a great testament to the quality of the FHSU band.”However, he wasn’t just offered the ordinary prize of having the Dallas Winds play his song; because Jordan knows the principal trombone player with the Dallas Winds, the FHSU Brass Choir was given an invitation to come perform it themselves.

For those who are not familiar with band terms, a brass choir is a small ensemble of brass instruments. The group that traveled to Dallas included 22 students, 3 of which were percussion players as well.

Band member Katie Glading, said, “getting to see such a well-known composer, Eric Whitacre, actually conduct his works was fantastic and a pretty rare opportunity, not to mention getting to see the Dallas Wind Symphony perform in itself is a very cool experience. I’m very grateful for this good experience.”

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