Alpha Kappa Psi Blood Drive Helps to Save Lives

Earlier this month, Alpha Kappa Psi at FHSU hosted their semiannual Fort Hays Blood Drive to help collect donations for people all over the United States who are in need of medical assistance. The blood drive took place in the Memorial Union Ballroom over the course of two days, and accumulated enough donations to save over 500 lives.

The Fort Hays Blood Drive has been a successful event for Alpha Kappa Psi for many years, and the organization intends on continuing to host the event in both the upcoming fall and spring semesters. The number of volunteers who participate in this blood drive increases every year, and they hope to be able to collect even more donations in the future.

Vice President of Administration for Alpha Kappa Psi, Morgen Pitts, was very pleased with the outcome of the event and hopes that students who participated in it were able to see how their donations can impact the lives of others, and encourages them to give more frequently. “Only 38% of people in the U.S. are able to donate blood and out of those people, less than 10% give yearly. Alpha Kappa Psi hopes that the Fort Hays Blood Drive gives students and staff the opportunity to donate more often.”

Opportunities like the Fort Hays Blood Drive help to allow students and faculty at FHSU to give back to their community and know that their donations are going to help save lives. Whether the blood goes to people in the Hays community or across the country, these donations will make a huge impact.

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