Shooting team hosts 6th annual Open Collegiate Clay Target Competition

The Fort Hays State Shooting Team hosted the 6th annual Open Collegiate Clay Target Competition last weekend inviting 12 other collegiate shooting teams.

The Hays City Sportsman’s Club hosted over 80 college shooting team members.

The meet was a 400-shot event featuring wobble trap, American trap, trap doubles, American skeet, and skeet doubles.

“This is our 2nd shoot of the year, so the kids are all getting back into the swing of things,” said Duane Shepherd, head coach. “The team will do just fine this year. We have a good mix of veterans and a solid group of freshman. All the way through, this is a good bunch of kids and I expect them to perform at a high level.”

The first shooting meet of the year for FHSU took place at Wichita State University, where the team was a runner-up. The team heads into this season with two back-to-back national championships under its belt.

See the scores from this weekend’s competition below.

Combined Skeet
FHSU 1 1st 479/500
FHSU 2 2nd 451/500
CSU 3 3rd 434/500

American Trap
FHSU 1 1st 487/500
MU 2nd 479/500
CSU 3 3rd 472/500

American Trap Doubles
FHSU 1 1st 448/500
FHSU 2 2nd 439/500
MU 3nd 418/500

American Wobble Trap
FHSU 1 1st 481/500
CSU 2nd 467/500
FHSU 2 3rd 465/500

High Overall Team
FHSU 1 1895/2000
FHSU 2 1819/2000
CSU 1776/2000

High Overall Male Austin Svoboda 386/400 FHSU
High Overall Female Kilee Hutchison 367/400 FHSU

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