HPL hosts ‘Laughing Matters’ in partnership with Hays Arts Council

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The Hays Arts Council has partnered with the Hays Public Library to bring the ‘Laughing Matters’ program as presented by Jay & Leslie Cady on Thursday from 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Schmidt Gallery.

Hays Arts Council Executive Director Brenda Meder explains that the Hays Arts Council has brought Jay & Leslie (also known as “Laughing Matters”) to the Hays area for a six-day residency, performing in the area schools that the community serves (Hays, Ellis, Victoria, Plainville, & Russell).

“As part of the residency, we always have a public presentation for all who’d like to attend. Many of the kiddos that see the show in the schools come back with their families to enjoy the public show, which is always different from what they see in the schools,” Meder said. 

Jay and Leslie have been full-time professional entertainers since 1980 and have performed over 6,000 times in 37 states and 7 foreign countries. The Kansas City artists are highly acclaimed, bringing a special brand of entertainment & education to their programs.

The schedule for the performers’ full six-day residency in the schools

Meder describes what this year’s visit will look like. 

“On this year’s visit, they will be treated to a math & numbers focused program – ‘Sum of our Favorite Numbers’ – and as always, it will be done with their very own brand of outstanding entertainment, engagement, and education . . . and it works for all the students,” she said. 

Additional information on Jay and Leslie can be found on their website  https://www.leslieandjay.com/

Meder encourages everyone, not just the kids, to come to the show on Thursday evening in support of the Hays Arts Council and the Hays Public Library.

“If anyone has any further questions that aren’t answered by the info here, they are most welcome to give me a call at their earliest convenience,” Meder said. 

The number for the Hays Arts Council is (785) 625-7522 and for more general information on the Hays Arts Council, check out their official website at https://haysartscouncil.org/

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