A week of adventure and relaxation


While some Fort Hays State University students went far or stayed local, spring break last week was a time for students to redirect their focus from studies to relaxation.

As a student of the FHSU History Department, Sarah Keiss finally got to attend a study abroad opportunity in Poland. Accompanied by two history professors and her fellow peers, the immersive trip allowed students to learn more about Jewish life in Eastern and Central Europe.

“I had the opportunity to learn more than just the historical facts, but to learn how these facts are being portrayed in Poland and how the public perceives history,” Keiss said.

On the trip, students got to visit museums, explore several cities, visit historic sites and Auschwitz Birkenau. A lover of history, Keiss enjoyed her spring break travels and creating some of her favorite memories.

“If I had to choose one part, I think it would be the lasting impact that this trip has left on me,” Keiss said. “The trip ignited a new and stronger passion for history within me, and I am very grateful for that. 

Back in the states, a popular spring break activity was just a state away. With mountainside views and snow-packed hills, the skiing and snowboarding lifts of Colorado called many students.

One FHSU student, Layne Needham, visited Monarch Mountain to hit the slopes on her snowboard. 

“My favorite part about this trip was just being in the mountains,” Needham said. “You could walk out of a restaurant and have a beautiful view of the mountains.”

Another FHSU group, the Travel Club, took the break as an opportunity for an externship to Chicago. There they got the chance to visit Wrigley Field, tour museums, see the river dyed green just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, visit Chinatown and learn more about the tourism industry.