What It Takes to be a Tiger: How a love for dance inspired a young entrepreneur


Photos courtesy Lauren Wagner

Finding one’s passion in life can be a struggle, but for FHSU freshman Lauren Wagner, passion has always meant dance. Wagner, a Business major, said that her whole life, she knew she wanted to dance and one day own her own studio.


“I have been dancing since the age of 3 with Jackie Creamer’s Vision Dance Company. I fell in love with it right away and so much in fact that I decided to start working at the age of 11 as a choreographer and instructor at my dance studio. This love for dance and teaching it has led me to the goal of opening my own dance studio after I graduate from Fort Hays,” Wagner said. 

Wagner, in her first year of being on Tiger Debs, said joining a college dance team was always something she had dreamed about as she got older. 

“I have loved dance my entire life. I knew there was nothing else out there for me that would fulfill the passion I have for dance and so I knew no matter what the circumstances were I had to continue,” she said. “Joining a college dance team was a way for me to get a wider variety of training under my belt so I am more versatile for future dance endeavors.”

She is also involved at Fort Hays through being an Entrepreneurial Ambassador for Hansen Hall, and has competed in many Entrepreneurial Competitions as well. Wagner prefers her busy schedule and enjoys the challenges that come with being a consistently busy college student. 

“I am constantly busy, but I am used to it as my schedule was always this busy growing up. School, dance, work, homework, and bed. That is how I grew up, so I learned early on how to manage my time very well and take on multiple responsibilities. I prefer my busy schedule because it keeps me upbeat and active which I love,” Wagner said. 

Wagner said that what she enjoys most about being on Tiger Debs is the performance aspect. She loves getting to entertain others and performing in front of an audience.

“My favorite part of being on Tiger Debs is performing. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I belonged on stage or in front of a cheering crowd,” she said. “There is no greater feeling than dancing for others with the biggest smile and feeling the adrenaline through every inch of my body.”

Another Tiger Debs member who has enjoyed performing with Wagner is sophomore Emily Ross. 

“Lauren works hard and always strives to do her best. She is not afraid to step up to be a leader. She is a great asset to the team,” Ross said. 

For Wagner, her biggest passion in life is chasing her dreams and continuing to be excited about where her future is taking her. 

“I am most passionate about continuing to be an independent, strong-willed woman in life and striving to reach all my goals and dreams. My future excites me, and I don’t see any reasons as to why I can’t go after exactly what I want,” Wagner said.

To be a Tiger, Wagner says it is all about dreaming big and going after what you want and making it happen. 

“I am proud to be a Fort Hays Tiger. I think Hays is a great community and I love how connected everyone is. This is an amazing university and was an easy choice for me. Being a Tiger is about standing out, being respectful, dreaming big, and overcoming obstacles,” Wagner said.

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