How to Fort Hays: Getting (re)acquainted with campus from an FHSU upperclassman


Hello Tigers, and welcome back to returners as well as the newest additions we have to our Tiger family. I know the past year has been a little bit crazy and stressful, but we are finally making a comeback. As the semester gets underway, there are a few helpful hints about campus that may be helpful for both new and returning students to know about and utilize.

I want you to know that college can bring out all sorts of emotions and feelings, but in the end, you make or break your experience. Fort Hays has a variety of resources that are there for your mental and emotional convenience including the Health and Wellness Services, the Center for Student Success, Financial Aid Office, etc….

The Health and Wellness Services (formerly Student Health Center) is definitely a resource you should use when you need it. Throughout the year, they are always open and ready to help you. Their services include vaccinations, diagnosis and treatment of minor illness/ injury, women’s health (including birth control and counseling), lab testing for certain diseases and infections and more. The Student Health Center is located in the Memorial Union, on the lower level, room 045 as of now, but will be moving eventually to merge with The Kelly Center in Fischli-Wills.

The Fischli-Wills Center for Student Success offers so much for the students here at Fort Hays. This may be academic/career support – including tutoring. It provides opportunities for students who may want more experience in different areas as well as mental health support. As just stated, there is also the Kelly Center. The Kelly Center offers counseling services, including a wide variety of therapy to help with stress, anxiety, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, as well as the college transition itself. The Kelly Center is now located in the Fischli-Wills Center.

Something really awesome about Fort Hays is the Tiger Fitness Center. This amazing facility is located in Cunningham Hall, room 132. The Fitness Center was upgraded this summer, and has never looked better. This facility offers a plethora of equipment to use for your own workouts including benches, treadmills, bikes, dumbbells and more. However, if working out in the gym isn’t really your style, the Fitness Center offers a variety of classes including Boot Camp, Core & Cardio, Dancefit, Fit-30, HIIT, Strictly Strength, Triple Threat, TRX, Yoga and Zumba.

The Fitness Center is a great way to stay healthy, and work off some stress in so many ways. And the best part? It’s 100% free to utilize as students. So whether you simply love to workout, or just want to partake in a few yoga classes to relieve stress, the fitness center is the perfect place for you.

For students looking for a place to study outside their dorm rooms, this is a great way to stay on campus, but also finding those great spots for ultimate success. If you’re looking for a quiet place to study or research, Forsyth Library is your spot. The library is a very calm, safe space to study – including comfortable seating, plenty of table space to spread out your resources, and an overall quiet setting. The library is one of the most underrated places on campus. The library also has multiple printers available to the students to use.

Next up, we have Memorial Union. The Union may be one of the most common places students go to study or just hang out. The Union has a Starbucks to aid in those long hours of study, but also plenty of seating perfect for studying and research. Although, the Union too, has multiple printers throughout to use at your disposal. 

Last, but not least, is the Quad. Pull out your hammock or find an empty bench to study underneath the shade of the trees. The Quad is a fantastic place to study, simply just to hang out with friends, or even to get some fresh air. If you’re someone who prefers to study outside, this is the best place to do it. The combined fresh air, warming sun, and the generally quiet disposition of it makes the perfect combination for your success at Fort Hays.

At Fort Hays, we care about success in and out of the classroom, and the resources available to students are astronomical. Ranging from tutoring, one-on-one with professors, fitness/ health, and more is truly a testament to the character of this school. You undoubtedly may feel out of place at first, but getting on campus, and getting involved is the best possible way to make the most out of your experience here in Hays. Have a great year Tigers, and don’t forget to simply have fun while you’re here!

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