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Winter is the most infamous time of year for getting ill, and with close proximity being a guarantee at most universities, it’s extremely important to make sure students are feeling their best. FHSU’s director of student health, Lynn Adams, discusses how one can get a professional opinion on how to stay as healthy as possible this Semester and onwards.

  “What’s been going around so badly this season are upper respiratory infections, like influenza, the common cold, and strep,” Adams said. “I don’t want to make this seem dramatic but we get about 7 to 8 students come in each day with a complaint of this kind.” 

Adams went on to say the best ways to help reduce the risk of illnesses are quite simple.

“This may seem obvious, but the best thing to do is to keep your hands clean. I don’t just mean run your hands under the water and be done,” he said. “Take the time to do it, take the time to rub your fingers in a circular motion and take the time to rub at your nails, especially while touching food.”. 

He also states to not be obsessive about washing your hands, just to be cautious while touching things in public and to wash your hands when you get the chance to at home. 

“Viruses move via surfaces, so as long as you don’t have cuts or openings on your hands, you’re not going to get sick by touching something with germs on it, just be wary of touching your face after touching surfaces during an outbreak season like this,” Adams said.  

Adams also pointed out that while the Health Center is out of the way, it is in one of the most heavily used buildings on campus. He also said that while there is a fee for visiting the health center, it is discounted than going to a health office outside of campus.

 “Our location is both good and not, on the one hand, we’re in a basement and out of the way, but on the other, we’re in one of the most active buildings on campus,” Adams said. “My other wish is unrealistic, but if we could go without having to charge any fee we would, but that just wouldn’t be sustainable at the moment. We do what we can, though, and still are able to provide a discounted rate.” 

Adams went on to share that the Health Center offers more than just checkups for those feeling under the weather. 

“I want everyone to know a few things, firstly, not many people know this but we provide free STI testing the first Wednesday of every month, you can apply online and it’s completely confidential,” he said.  

He went on to address other services the student health center provides that he feels go under-utilized.

 “We provide contraceptive counseling, and provide aid in women’s health,” Adams said. “Very few people know about this, but we can also prescribe medication if you’re having anxiety, depression, anything like that and have gone to the Kelly Center on campus for that. Nothing addictive or too potent, but if the Kelly Center recommends it we can help you out.” 

During flu season staying proactive is the best way to keep from getting ill, So knowing what options are available to students is a must. To contact the student health center online, go to or reach them by phone at 785-628-4293.

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