Stripes for Hope ‘Swings’ for a Cause


On Tuesday night, the Barn Hoppers’ weekly practice in the Black and Gold Ballroom was joined by Stripes for Hope to collaborate in raising funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Stripes for Hope was selling ‘Cancer Sucks’ t-shirts for $12 at the event to fund and raise awareness for children with cancer. The hospital’s funding primarily comes from private donations and offers free of charge treatments to children who are not covered by insurance.  The event was attended by over 40 supporters of the cause, and some students were able to learn how to swing dance for the first time.

Junior Itzel Munoz is the student president of Stripes for Hope. Having faced lower attendance and involvement with her club, Munoz was excited for the turnout of the collaborative event and hopes that with more involvement that they can have better fundraising outcomes. Munoz said the ‘Cancer Sucks’ t-shirts help raise awareness. 

“We have sold around 23 shirts tonight. We table at the union throughout the semester and sell them there as well”, Munoz said.

She has been involved with the organization for all three years of her college career and is passionate about raising funds for cancer research. 

“It really hits home for me because I had a brother who was battling cancer and he passed away. He benefitted from St. Jude’s research”, Munoz said. 

Stripes for Hope partners with other organizations on campus to raise donations for cancer research. 

Mariela Estrada, the student leader of the Barn Hoppers helped attendees learn how to swing dance at the event. “She is a really good teacher”, Munoz said.

In conclusion, the joint fundraising effort between the Barn Hoppers and Stripes for Hope successfully helped raise funds and awareness during an entertaining evening.

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