OUTober event promotes acceptance and encouragement on National Coming Out Day


This world is full of many different communities and sexualities and FHSU is no different. Fort Hays State University takes pride in its diversity and acceptance of their students. That is the reason OUTober was displayed on October 11th. It is an opportunity for all these diversities and communities to come together and be there for each other. 

Not everyone agrees with the idea that all should be accepted. Due to this, people are often left out, ashamed, and rejected. OUTober is a place where those words are not accepted. This is where The Office of Transition, Inclusion & Diversity Excellence (TIDE) comes in. 

TIDE encourages what the world should try to encourage. This includes, acceptance, encouragement, understanding, and a person to listen to. Here are a few organizations and events TIDE supports:

  • Tiger STRIPES Pre-Enrollment Programs for Freshman & Transfer Students and their Parents, Families & Siblings
  • Project Lighthouse First Generation Mentoring Program
  • FindUatFHSU Diversity Events
  • Hispanic College Institute
  • Golden Beginnings Extended Orientation Program
  • First Year Institute
  • Tiger Impact Fall Orientation Weekend
  • First 40 Days of Welcome Program
  • Learning Communities Marketing & Recruitment Campaigns
  • Spring New Student Orientation

At the event Friday, all different types of people joined together to support each other just as TIDE supports them. Some people were enthused to share their feelings about what TIDE provides for the FHSU campus.

FHSU Student, Yessie J expressed great adoration for the event.

“I think that it benefits the LGBQ+ community by allowing us to tell our stories. Coming out day is our way of celebrating who we are,” J said. “It also allows the community to support those who are struggling with the fear of coming out.”

With people coming together and setting aside their differences, change is seen. This change is crucial to a better world, and that is exactly what TIDE represents, and exactly what the FHSU students, Hays community, Kansas, and the world should embrace.

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