Motion Pictures Required for Cold Days

While there is snow on the ground, I figured I would talk about some movies I would recommend watching while you snuggle up in a blanket and begin procrastinating on your homework (this is where I give you a glaring look, but my face says I’ve been there).

When in need for a great action movie, the first thing I would recommend anyone is the movie, “Boondock Saints”, released in 1999, this film portrays two brothers fighting against crime in ways that the law can not, with their own iron fists or wielding duel guns to set the criminals straight. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. It also has one of Norman Reedus’s first leading roles (Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead)

If your looking for a more of a relaxing movie about young love and learning how to deal with not getting everything you want, “Adventureland” based on Jesse Eisenburg’s (The Social Network) character James Brennan, who wants to go on a European vacation right after he graduated college, and was forced to work at a theme park for extra money on the trip. This is where he meets a girl.

A dark film, kind of different, and more suspenseful is Elijah Wood’s “Maniac,” told mostly through a first person point of view of a killer. Some of this movie’s creepy setting is really amped up when a woman gets a crush on him because of their shared hobby of liking the stillness from mannequins. And he is torn between his desire to kill woman and love them.

While guys are supposed to hate romantic movies, I really enjoyed the movie, “Stuck in Love.” Based on a family who are all single while trying to be writers, a father still in love with his ex-wife, his son who falls in love with a girl at his school, and a daughter who published her first book struggling with her feelings towards a boy who shares a lot of the same interests in herself.

We all have a guilty pleasure, and mine is chocolate cupcakes – I mean horror movies. And while this flim did not scare me (only spiders can do that, because I’m a man), it kind of took the horror genre and added comedy to it in an mocking way, “Tucker and Dale vs Evil”. Based on two hillbillies who try their hardest to make a college group their friends, but the college group has a stereotype against them, thinking they are murderers.

The last movie on my list is “God Bless America” which is based on an older man who finds out he has cancer and is dying (no, not Breaking Bad, although check out Breaking Bad if you have not already) he then gets fed up with society and the envy of actors and “reality shows” becoming the norm in America, so in his last moments on earth, he goes around killing everyone who upsets him.

The best part of this list is all of these movies are on Netflix. A helpful poor man tip, if you are short on money, you can keep making fresh email addresses so you can keep using the free trial, and continue on watching all the movies you have missed, although $7.99 a month is not a bad deal for a cable cutter.

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